Create an Account

Sign into any application with email and password to generate self-custodial cryptographic keys you can take with you across the open Web

Create an Account

  1. Specify a username that will be used to uniquely distinguish your account across connected sites and within personalized wallet plugins.

  2. Select your personal email that will be used to secure your account. We recommend a privacy focused email service, or running your own web server and hardware if you are a privacy maximalist.

  3. Enter a strong password that you have not used before.

Verify Account

Your account must be verified by clicking a sent to your email address. The link must be verified within 5 minutes or a new one requested.

Create a PIN

After verification, your account is secured by a unique PIN that only you know. This PIN will be needed to verify transactions, sign messages, and execute actions on your behalf.

Questions or Trouble?

Reach out to us at or join our telegram group to ping the developer community with your question.

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