Custody and Trust

Behind the simple UI, Silk employs an advanced abstraction of digital asset and key custody protocols that rely on novel cryptographic primitives

In Silk, the user is treated as the sole custodian of their account. This means that only the owner of the account, one that knows the email, the password, and can produce multi-factor proofs on their identity, can send/receive or authenticate with their keys.

At all times:

  • The user must consent to move any assets or recover the account

  • Nobody, not even a hacked server, can learn the user's private key

Custody in Silk is managed by a network of Multi-Party Computation (MPC) servers that are oblivious to the data they are processing are never exposed to more than an inert share of a user's key. This hybrid notion of custody minimizes the risk of locked accounts due to lost keys against breached accounts due to leaked keys. Read on to learn more 👉

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