Connect to a dApp

The best UI comes from directly embedding Silk. Most dApps don't do so yet 😭. So we built Silk Connect, where you can use Silk with Wallet Connect, even if the website doesn't support Silk

Silk Connect

Select Account and Network

Confirm you are connecting with the correct account on the intended network. You can switch networks or log into a different account if required.

Initiate Session

Copy and paste the Walletconnect URI from the site you would like to connect with and click on "Connect". The desktop app currently does not support scanning a QR code.

Manage Sessions

Active sessions will appear in the applications menu with current status. You may disconnect sessions individually or all at once.


Walletconnect messages are pushed to the notifications window, where you can monitor your sessions for activity.

Questions or Trouble?

Reach out to us at or join our telegram group to ping the developer community with your question.

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