Why Silk?

The web needs safer and more accessible tools for digital ownership and secure self custody: something even grandma can use 👵 but tools before have sacrificed security to achieve this.

Silk was born to fill the outstanding need for a secure, expandable, and easy-to-use interface for the web with all of the bells and whistles of a non-custodial crypto wallet.

So, why would you build with Silk?

Silk is for you if you need,

☞ a wallet that is in your users' control & custody

☞ wallet recovery without UX friction such as cloud backups or onboarding guardian s

☞ massively scalable key generation

☞ the best UX, something built for the average internet user

☞ you are looking for the security of a cold wallet with the flexibility of a hot wallet

Silk is just the tip of the spear

Holonym built Silk to make our zero knowledge identity tools more accessible to a wider audience. We believe cryptography is on the cusp and will soon change how we think of our digital persona and the value we create on the internet. But first, we need a simple way for everyone, including grandma to get on board.

Read on to learn more 👉

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