Who is Silk for?

We built Silk for people like us - builders who need secure non-custodial wallets for their users without compromising UX or security

Here are some examples of buidlers that can't wait to get their hands on Silk,

The DAO Activist

You have a mailing list of 1 million politically active donors and are ready to tap the power of decentralized autonomous organizations to effect real world change. Problem is, how do you get a crypto account into the hands of Auntie Nance and Uncle Wilbur from Ketchum, Idaho? With Silk, the DAO Activist can send NFTs for DAO membership and personalized voter outreach directly to the email addresses of their 1 million donor base. With two-clicks, membership accounts can be claimed and users can immediately cryptographically sign petitions, smart contracts, and donate money directly to the juicebox.

The Digital Merchant

Times aren't as good for consumer merchants as when the government was mass airdropping stimmy checks. High payment processor fees, slow settlement time, limited options for plug-ins and automation, and a non-negligible risk of censorship make a competitive digital market even tougher. A digital merchant can embed Silk into their web store to easily give their users digital wallets they can use to pay with fiat or crypto. Fees are kept low with L2 on-chain settlement and mechants can accept payment in any digital currency.

The Game Architect

The rarest and more valuable digital assets are often found in popular video games played by hundreds of millions of gamers. In game economies are bottle-necked by the transferability of digital valuables and the support for seamless and native digital payments infrastructure. With Silk, game developers can create digital wallets for their users right at sign up. Users can immediately subscribe, stream payments, shop at digital game stores, or participate in a peer-to-peer economy.

The Fintech Dev

Security is most important when big money is on the line. Current security practices by banks and financial protocols drive in-part a multi-billion dollar financial fraud and cybercrime industry.

Bank users should have secure and resilient accounts with cryptographic keys in their individual custody, rather than held in a cloud honeypot. Fintech developers can drive the cost of compliance down by providing their users with self-custody wallets, all-the-while simplifying their operational security model.

Can't wait to get your hands on Silk? Let us know 👉 silk@holonym.id or join our telegram group to ping the developer community with your questions

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