Recovery & Login SDKs for Other Wallets To Use

Use Silk Recovery and Cross-Device UX so users can seamlessly login and recover without centralized accounts

If you are a wallet developer and would like use Silk's noncustodial cross-device UX or easy wallet recovery, we will be launching an SDK to use the testnet. This will allow you to generate cryptographic keys from low-entropy material such as passwords and biometric AI model outputs, so that users may login on multiple devices without importing or exporting a seed phrase. While the testnet currently runs on a low number servers controlled by us, it is noncustodial as these servers cannot collude to see user keys.

We are not opening this to the public yet because

  1. The SDKs are simply not well-packaged or documented; they was rather built for internal use

  2. We need clear usage guidelines to avoid easy pitfalls, e.g. using passwords or biometrics alone for authentication without 2FA.

If you are interested in using it, please email

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